Welcome to the Dream Anime WikiaEdit

A place to make the anime you want to see.

What is this placeEdit

A place to express the kind of anime you'd like to see. This wiki is a spiritual successor to Anime Fanon Wiki as a place to make your ideal anime. However there are some rules (some to be added later)

  • Keep it original! Something set in the same universe as your favorite show is nice and all ,but there are dozens of fan wikis for that already. I point out the Pretty Cure Fanon Wiki in particular because the Anime Fanon Wiki is nothing ,but PreCure at this point!
  • Be somewhat appropriate! Fan service and (sometimes) Ecchi is fine ,but please no pornographic material.
  • Be respectful! you might see something you don't like including ,but not limited to criticism. Be nice to others and they'll be nice to you.

And other than that, go nuts. You can do any genre and demographic as long as you follow the rules. Which leads to the fourth and final one: Have fun!

Latest activityEdit

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